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Scorecard App

The Scorecard App is a plug-and-play mobile app solution that constructively engages drivers, encourages safe driving behavior, and helps correct problematic driving trends using a weekly driver scorecard.

The Problem

Companies with small-to-medium fleets are spending a lot of money on vehicle accidents and insurance premiums.

Internally, onboarding a new client in our system was a tedious process, from spreadsheet, a lot of back and forth, and manual entries made it really long

Users & Audience

The target users of StriveSafe app are drivers of light and heavy-duty trucks from 30 to 75 years old, most of them are not very familiar with technology

Team & Role

From concept to production, with help from the CTO, Bill Sinclair, the product manager, Wesley Felteau; our associate UX designer, Alexandra Christensen and I created the user flow diagram, interaction design, and a low fidelity prototype. Later on, I completed the project adding visual design, animations, and created a high fidelity prototype.

Design Process

Interviewed stakeholders and team members to find out the current on-boarding process, analyzed roll-out form

Low Fidelity Prototype

We tested this prototype and found out that:
  • There was no need to select the supervisor from the app
  • Summary screen where we listed all the steps was confusing the user
  • More information was needed from the user while creating an account
  • For the first version, it was only for ROVRs

User Interface Design


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