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Driving Behavior Reports

The scorecard reports encourage safe driving behavior, and correct problematic driving trends before they lead to costly accidents. Scorecard highlights the three critical leading indicators: Speeding, Hard Braking, and Rapid Acceleration.

In complementary, we deliver a report once a trip finishes, this to close the cycle of changing driving behavior by giving immediate feedback to the user.

We included gamification tecnics from the book: Actionable Gamification by Yu-kai Chou. 

Report before redesign

Report after redesign

Personal scorecard is a report that is sent to drivers every Monday. We covered the 8 core drives of gamification:

In case you actually counted for 8 core drives, there is one missing, and I will explain that on the trip reports section.

Driving behavior reports UI

Personal Report
User: Drivers

Group Report
User: Fleet Manager

Multi-Group Report
User: Fleet Owner


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